Conservatives for Britain is the campaign representing the large number of Conservative Party supporters who want to see a new relationship between Britain and the EU based on free trade and friendly co-operation, rather than political union.

We are supported by thousands of Conservative Party councillors, members and supporters from all parts of the United Kingdom.

Conservatives for Britain originally launched in June 2015 to help underscore the Prime Minister’s renegotiation and maximise the chance of fundamental change being delivered. Now that this process has resulted in only minor reforms, we are fully supporting the Vote Leave campaign in advocating a ‘leave’ vote in the forthcoming EU referendum.

We take an optimistic, globalist view of Britain’s future. We believe that Britain will both increase its global influence and be economically successful by taking back control from the EU.

As we predicted at our launch in June, the EU has let us down so we will stand up for Britain.

The EU is an institution rooted in the past and is proving incapable of reforming to meet the big technological, demographic and economic challenges of our time

– Michael Gove, February 2016