the conservatives for britain brexit manifesto the uk must take back control from the eu

Headlines of the Brexit Manifesto


Outside the EU the UK will be able to draw up free trade agreements with the rest of the world.

Our trade with the EU is not at risk, as they sell us more than we sell them and they do not want to impose new tariffs or barriers. Our trade with the rest of the world is also not at risk, as current agreements will stand by default.

Outside the EU the UK will have £10 billion more to spend or to offer in tax cuts, the money we currently have to send to Brussels and do not get back. That’s £300 a family every year. We will be setting out an attractive package of spending increases and tax cuts. This will offer a Brexit dividend in the first year. It means we can lift austerity from the time of our exit.

Outside the EU we could have cheaper and more reliable energy.

Freed of EU control we save our fish and have farming and environment policies suited to the UK landscape and needs. We will carry on paying all current subsidies.

Outside the EU the UK will gain seats on international bodies which the EU threw us off, and will have her own voice, vote and veto with more influence as a result. The UK will be more influential outside than in. France and Germany will have to treat us more seriously when wanting our assistance as they will no longer be able to outvote us.

Leaving the EU means we can take back control of our borders and decide who to invite in.

The UK will be more secure outside the EU as we can have our own foreign policy, cease to rely on EU common policies, and control admission to our country. We will remain a leading member of NATO and of Five Eyes, an important shared intelligence grouping. France and Germany will want wide ranging intelligence and security co-operation with us.

Above all the UK will be a democracy again. Public opinion and elections will be able to change policies instead of having to accept many laws and spending requirements because the EU demands. Governments and Ministers who make mistakes will become far more accountable for making them.

The only way to protect the City and our financial services, banking and professional services industry from too much control and regulation from the Euro led EU will be to leave. The UK has lost three important cases recently over policies which damage the City.

The risky option is to stay in. The rest of the EU is on a wild ride to political union. If we stay we will continue to lose control over more of the things that matter to us.


1. “The UK will be like Norway on exit – we will have to accept EU rules with no influence over them, and have to pay contributions to be able to trade with the EU. “ We have no intention of being like Norway. The UK need not make any contributions to the EU after leaving. Over 160 countries trade successfully with the EU without being members and without paying for access. Mexico and Canada have free trade agreements with the EU. In due course the UK is likely to have one too. In the meantime Germany has made clear she does not seek to place new barriers or tariffs on our trade, so things will continue much as today until we have negotiated a better deal. They sell us so much more than we sell them, so they won’t want to worsen mutual access to markets.

2. “The UK will lose influence by leaving”. In the rest of the world the UK will regain her seats non important bodies like the WTO and the World Climate conferences which the EU removed form us. Even when dealing with France and Germany the UK will have more influence, not less, as we will regain our veto over anything we negotiate together, whereas at present in the EU they often just outvote us.

3. “The UK will have to accept all EU laws.” On the contrary the UK will be able to disapply or avoid all EU laws at home and when dealing with the rest of the world, whereas today all EU laws apply for us everywhere. Of course if doing business in France or Germany we will have to comply with their laws, just as we comply with US laws when dealing with the US or Chinese laws in China.

4. “The City will lose out as it wont have access to the single market. “ The City is losing out as more and more EU regulation put through on majority votes ignores City wishes. US and Japanese banks and finance houses work quite well within the EU without being members. The so called EU passports can be acquired through EU based subsidiaries whilst most value added can be applied in London. This happens already. OEICs – the main type of investment fund – are managed in London but domiciled in Ireland or Luxembourg already.

5. “Farmers, universities and regions will lose their EU grants” All grants will be paid by the UK and devolved governments, which will have the money to do so as the contributions to the EU will be cancelled.

6. “The UK will be less secure owing to loss of intelligence and security collaboration”. The UK with one of the best intelligence services in the world and a leading member of Five Eyes will of course be wanted a s partner for sharing intelligence after we have left, just as we currently share intelligence with non EU countries today.

7. “The UK will not be able to arrest people in other EU countries and bring them to justice without the European Arrest Warrant”. The UK has good extradition arrangements with many countries and will have one with the EU on exit.