the cfb eu debate pack with contributions from john redwood and steve baker

On Friday 11 September 2015, Steve Baker MP led a general debate on the European Union at Wycombe Conservative Association.

Today, we are publishing that presentation (PDF) and supporting documents, together with a presentation from John Redwood MP (PDF) which makes the case that the UK will be more prosperous, more democratic and more influential by leaving the EU.

The Conservatives for Britain presentation is derived from the great work of our sister organisation, Business for Britain.

The supporting documentation is as follows:

Click for presentation by John Redwood (PDF)

Click for presentation by John Redwood (PDF)

  • David Cameron, EU speech at Bloomberg
  • The Conservative Party, Manifesto 2015
  • Conservatives for Britain, Understanding the EU
  • Business for Britain
    • Change, or Go (pamphlet)
    • The Change We Need
    • Change, or Go (full version)
  • The European Union, The EU Explained
  • Jean Claude Juncker, The State of the Union, 2015

All these documents may be found in our CfB EU Debate Archive (zip).